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MVPA Submissions Due

Music Video Production Association

Music Video Production Association

The MVPA Awards are due at the end of the month, so if you’ve made any videos over the last year – you might want to consider submitting. The categories run the gamut from ‘Best Of’ genres, to specific disciplines. Keep in mind, submitting will cost $65 per video, as well as an additional $75 to join the MVPA as a director. This, their website states, will give you access to all related galas and parties that they hold.

With Music Videos changing in both budget and scope, it will be interesting to see what sort of competition will be lurking in the “Best Video Produced for Under $25,000” category.

Full category listing: Read more

LA Film Fest deadline approaches!

Los Angeles Film Festival Deadline February 10th 2012 Heads up guys – it looks like the LA Film Fest entry is due on the 10th. You have a few days to get your entries in. There are quite a few good opportunities offered through the fest as well, including distribution assistance and press. Take a look for yourselves –