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Shoot It. Share It. Panasonic’s AF100 Competition

The AF100 competition from Panasonic, dubbed Shoot it Share It

The AF100 competition from Panasonic, dubbed Shoot it Share It

This is a good opportunity for anybody who’s shot something on the AF100 within the last year – the Shoot It Share It competition is in full swing with prizes ranging from matte boxes to monitors up for grabs. I grew up idolizing cameras like the DVX100, which was essentially the de facto camera for shooting 24 frames per second on mini-DV tape. The AF100 is just a tool, but it’s a camera that comes from a long lineage of ‘game changing’ cameras that really set the pace of what we have come to expect from the pro-sumer market.  So, if you’ve shot any completed projects with the AF100 in the last year, you should submit now. The catch – the deadline is March 7th, so submit now.

Nikon D800 Test Film –

Nikon D800 release film test footage motorcycleA new short showing off the low light capabilities of the Nikon D800  has hit the internets. Showing a mix of lockoffs, slow pans and quick motion motorcyling, the film showcases a wide variety of shots.

To my eye (and this is open to interpretation) it appears very similar to stock 5D footage. It also appears to be ungraded, straight out of camera. It would be interesting to see what sort of range folks will have once they get footage Read more