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Cinestyle Testing (5DMKII)

Screengrab from 5DMKII color profile cinestyle testIt’s often a question of fighting the native codec when it comes to the 5D. The issue isn’t that the camera doesn’t produce visual images (it does, and I use it all the time) but that the camera mangles the footage right before the files are written to CF cards. Maintaining what little data you can in an H264 is something of an art, and there have been various color curve settings in camera that help to save the image, if only a little. My personal favorite is the technicolor Cinestyle profile¬† and it just so happens that this test features the Cinestyle profile. The tests were shot by Mike Kobal, one with cinestyle ungraded and one with a grade applied after. Without further ado, feast your eyeballs: Read more

Hacking the 5DMkII

canon 5DMKII hacked HDR higher bitrateIt looks like EOSHD has a hands on pre-release beta of Magic Lantern’s newest update for the 5D. The features list is sounding pretty impressive. Some highlights include:


  • 3x the original 38Mbit / sec throughput (if you have a fast enough CF card)
  • Leica M8 style split screen focusing aid – allowing¬† full view of your frame while you achieve focus
  • HDR video, for bracketing exposure/ISO


It appears that there will be Read more