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Scarlet Full Frame 5k Enabled

This story is currently developing, but it appears that the newest firmware (v3.3.3) allow the Scarlet to shoot with full frame lookaround. This means the full 5K sensor is being utilized. This means that your crop factor is now 1.3, just like the EPIC. The original post from the thread:

SDI out feeds full sensor FOV when look around is enabled.

Samurai is now recording full sensor FOV to 1080p ProRes…not as good as 5k of course, but it definitely makes the Atomos even more useful…..stwooooooooops!

My TV clients are going to love this.



Long story short, the ability to use the full sensor at 24fps is limited to HDMI/SDI output. This means you can only record 4:2:2 at 1080p, but it’s 1080p full-debayer downsampled from 5k!! This means you can attach an Atomos Samurai to the camera, and you’re ready to rock and roll, with more manageable file sizes. Seems pretty tempting especially if you’re shooting for web delivery.

The comments continue: Read more

KineRAW S8 Footage with breakdowns

I’ve posted about the KineRAW cameras in the past, and have noted the analog qualities of this RawDNG camera. A new post showcasing some of the footage shot with vintage lenses and elmoscope anamorphic adapters has surfaced in the form of a short (test) film. The short itself is laughably bad, presumably on purpose, but it does showcase a few different shooting setups. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, it’s still worth sticking around towards the end to see the ungraded plates reference.

Check it out:

Canon 5DMKIII Specs Leaked

5DMKIII 5D Mark III 5 D MARK 3, 5DM3


The 5DMKII was a camera that changed independent filmmaking overnight. The ability to use any lens in natural light with beautiful results with a stills camera created a flash market of video hungry shooters, and created a HDSLR market overnight. Canon had created a monster, by mistake. The video mode was just a happy accident as far as they were concerned.

Ever since the 5DMKII became popular, there has been discussion on what its next iteration, the 5DMKIII, would bring. Many have speculated about reduced moire, rolling shutter fixes as well as higher light sensitivity. According to a leak released today, the facts back up some of these claims.

Canon Rumors posted the specs for the new 5DMKII, which is supposed to be officially announced on March 2. From their post:
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Pulling Focus Remotely with the Redmote

RED Epic, Red Scarlet-X, redmote, sidehandle, pulling focus

How to Pull Focus with the REDMote

A recent post from Sean Brown shows the method of using a REDMote to pull focus. I’m on the fence about how much time this would save, as well as options for using glass – since it would require your lenses be either electronic, or servo-synched to the camera. In addition, for my Scarlet-X setup, I find things like the REDMote and Sidehandle to be superfluous and unnecessary. However, if you already own one, in addition to some electronic glass – then by all means this could be a handy trick to achieving critical focus quickly without doing a 1:1 zoom or using a tape measure. Check out the video below: Read more

From Camera through Post – Scarlet-X workflow tutorial

Scarlet-X RAW R3D workflow pipeline

A quick Scarlet-X workflow tutorial

Check out this quick tutorial on an example workflow on the Scarlet-X. It is designed to maintain the native-RAW data for as long as possible throughout the pipeline. This is definitely not an “end all be all” post workflow, but it is a good primer for those of you looking for some direction on a simple, straightforward approach.

Check it out below: Read more

Scarlet-X V-Mount (on a budget)

Scarlet-X V-Mount battery setup

Scarlet-X V-mount battery setup - on a budget

Matt Johnson posted a thread over on the REDuser forums in regards to his solution to powering the Scarlet sans Sidehandle / Wooden Camera components. From the thread:


The excellent Cinemaoxide V-Mount Plate Adapter $169
RED XLR to Lemo Cable $120
Generic E-bay V-Mount plate $49
AXRTEC V-Mount 89WH battery $129 (which now appears to be $229 that I go to buy some more … wtf)

I originally got the XLR cable because I needed the RED Lemo to make a custom power cable for my helicopter. So I did that, and put a molex connector on it. So I just had to put a matching molex on the v-plate. No problemo. Total cost including the 1 V-mount battery = $467

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KineRAW aka the Chinese RED

The $8,000 S35 RAW digital cinema camera

The $8,000 S35 RAW digital cinema camera

There have been posts circulating on DVXuser for a while talking about alternatives to the ALEXA and RED cameras. There seem to be two names that keep cropping up – Ikonoskop and KineRaw. Today we talk about the latter. It’s a camera that shoots RAW Cineform to non-proprietary 2.5 inch SSDs, or direct to HDD. That is a winner for me, as a Scarlet-X owner, I find it frustrating to be forced to use overpriced proprietary media. Yes, I’m looking at you RED.

Here’s a quick primer, from their site:

KineRAW-S35 is a Super35mm sized CMOS sensor camera with outstanding low light performance for HD use as well as for making DCP for projection in modern digital movie theatres where signal to noise ratio under difficult lighting conditions is very important. The useful EI/ISO range is quite wide rangefor normal noise levels and higher for somewhat higher noise levels. The sensor gives a wide dynamic range allowing shooting of contrast ratios that previous video cameras in its price range could have had real difficulty holding onto with its level of finished image quality.

A bullet point run-down of the details on the KineRAW S35:

  • Super 35mm sized CMOS sensor
  • Dual raw recording, uncompressed 12bit linear cinemaDNG (800Mbps) or 10bit log90GoPro Cineform RAW (100Mbps), uses regular 2.5 inch SSD or HDD (shoot and dump)
  • DCI 2K 1-24fps, 1080p 1-30fps, 720p 1-60fps. (Not yet finalised)
  • Interchangeable lens mount, supports PL (standard), Canon EF, Nikon F, OCT-19

The footage I’ve seen looks very filmic/analog to my eye, it could be a winner. Check it out: Read more

Cinestyle Testing (5DMKII)

Screengrab from 5DMKII color profile cinestyle testIt’s often a question of fighting the native codec when it comes to the 5D. The issue isn’t that the camera doesn’t produce visual images (it does, and I use it all the time) but that the camera mangles the footage right before the files are written to CF cards. Maintaining what little data you can in an H264 is something of an art, and there have been various color curve settings in camera that help to save the image, if only a little. My personal favorite is the technicolor Cinestyle profile  and it just so happens that this test features the Cinestyle profile. The tests were shot by Mike Kobal, one with cinestyle ungraded and one with a grade applied after. Without further ado, feast your eyeballs: Read more

Nikon D800 Test Film –

Nikon D800 release film test footage motorcycleA new short showing off the low light capabilities of the Nikon D800  has hit the internets. Showing a mix of lockoffs, slow pans and quick motion motorcyling, the film showcases a wide variety of shots.

To my eye (and this is open to interpretation) it appears very similar to stock 5D footage. It also appears to be ungraded, straight out of camera. It would be interesting to see what sort of range folks will have once they get footage Read more

Rokinon and Bower announce 24mm/1.4 Lens


Rokinon / Samyang 24mm/f1.4 lens

EDIT 2/26: B+H is now accepting pre-orders @ $699 


Rokinon and Bower is essentially a rebranded korean company, originally called Samyang.

Samyang cut its teeth creating security camera lenses. Often times these lenses had to be efficient, wide angle, and fast. Then, I presume, a lightbulb went on in somebody’s head, essentially saying, “Hey guys, we have good quality optics, and there’s a burgeoning indie film market, could we make some money here?”. The answer is a resounding, yes – as some camera tests at Read more