Fake is a term used to describe or imply that something is not real or that it is false.

Examples and applications include:

  • Dramatic portrayals
    • film or play may show fictional events, actors typically show fake emotions, and fake objects (e.g., props) and fake houses (movie sets) are used


Low budget film making is about flexibility. Often times there is no budget for hefty grip trucks, or crew for handling all the minutea that could be lost in the shuffle. My goal is to shed light on the knowledge that will give you the flexibility to decide on a course of action on set, when plans can change in an instant. The fact that you don’t necessarily need a dolly or steadicam for that slow push-in, for example. Or, how about the ease and purpose of grabbing a clean plate for simpler post later? How about exposure bracketing and how it can save sky replacement headaches down the road? Outsourcing storyboards? Removing those people that wandered into your perfect take? Faking Los Angeles to double as Moscow? Not as crazy as it sounds. 


The Faking Of  The definitive guide on making films smarter.

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