Scarlet Full Frame 5k Enabled

This story is currently developing, but it appears that the newest firmware (v3.3.3) allow the Scarlet to shoot with full frame lookaround. This means the full 5K sensor is being utilized. This means that your crop factor is now 1.3, just like the EPIC. The original post from the thread:

SDI out feeds full sensor FOV when look around is enabled.

Samurai is now recording full sensor FOV to 1080p ProRes…not as good as 5k of course, but it definitely makes the Atomos even more useful…..stwooooooooops!

My TV clients are going to love this.



Long story short, the ability to use the full sensor at 24fps is limited to HDMI/SDI output. This means you can only record 4:2:2 at 1080p, but it’s 1080p full-debayer downsampled from 5k!! This means you can attach an Atomos Samurai to the camera, and you’re ready to rock and roll, with more manageable file sizes. Seems pretty tempting especially if you’re shooting for web delivery.

The comments continue:

Yes, when you hit record the signal out the SDI keeps the look around, which gives you the full FOV of the sensor. 

I much prefer shooting RAW, but it’s not always up to me, I have already ran in to clients … who would rather shoot other camera systems due to not having the ability to deal with R3D in a timely fashion. I purchased an external recorder for ProRes deliverables (Samurai is soon to be DnxHD as well), I bake in a bit of a look, and the clients have been stoked. I primarily shoot specialty/feature for them not sports coverage, the client doesnt want to shoot on an ENG cam because they want the cinematic look but they also very often have quick turnaround times, it’s been awesome to be able to keep them on RED because of the ability to go straight to an editable codec. These are jobs that would have gone to the F3 or similar. I’ve seen many a producer check out the project we are on and say to the supervising producer “oh, your shooting on RED, this is working for you… huh” :) That producer now sees it as a viable option for them.


If the Scarlet is capable of 5K with full-debayer in realtime, could this mean full sensor 5k output straight to SSD is possible? I went ahead and downloaded the beta firmware today, just incase RED decides to alter it later on. Although, honestly this should give rise to a discussion of why it currently isn’t enabled, or perhaps it’s part of RED’s roadmap. We’ll have to wait and see.

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