Nikon D800 Test Film –

Nikon D800 release film test footage motorcycleA new short showing off the low light capabilities of the Nikon D800  has hit the internets. Showing a mix of lockoffs, slow pans and quick motion motorcyling, the film showcases a wide variety of shots.

To my eye (and this is open to interpretation) it appears very similar to stock 5D footage. It also appears to be ungraded, straight out of camera. It would be interesting to see what sort of range folks will have once they get footagefrom this camera into the grading suite (who am I kidding, most of us grade ourselves on our editing machines) as well as how much rolling shutter has been improved. Time will tell, but it looks promising so far. Without further ado, heres the clip:


I am also wondering how viable this is for the market as it stands. Currently, I love to shoot with Nikkor glass. Guess what? I can shoot with Nikkor glass on my 5D with no problem, just a $30 lens converter. Who is Nikon targeting with this camera and what features or capabilities will be compelling enough for somebody to buy over a used or cheapened 5DMKII? Again, I suppose time will tell.

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