Hacking the 5DMkII

canon 5DMKII hacked HDR higher bitrateIt looks like EOSHD has a hands on pre-release beta of Magic Lantern’s newest update for the 5D. The features list is sounding pretty impressive. Some highlights include:


  • 3x the original 38Mbit / sec throughput (if you have a fast enough CF card)
  • Leica M8 style split screen focusing aid – allowing  full view of your frame while you achieve focus
  • HDR video, for bracketing exposure/ISO


It appears that there will be some other goodies as well, but those are, in my opinion, make a good argument for a download of the firmware. The cost of entry is also appealing ($0)

This is what grassroots solutions are all about. It brings me back to the days of the DVX100A Andromeda Hack, which extracted full raster 12-bit 1540×984 @ 4:4:4 native.

And that was from a mini-DV camera. Will somebody please hack the Scarlet-X?




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