The Manifesto

The year was 2005, and I had just received my first award, from the Chicago Film Festival. It was a project I had shot on the newly released DVX100A, in 24p. It had been cut, composited and color graded in Sonic Foundry’s Vegas. The idea of a 24p prosumer camera for a few thousand dollars was a game-changer, and disrupted the market. Suddenly everyone and their mom was shooting low budget work on mini-DV at film speed!  The world was a-changin’.

For that project, my rental costs for the lights and camera were about $1300.

Fast forward to today – that sum will score you a full shooting package capable of 1080p @ 24p, with interchangeable lenses and miscellaneous third party accessories. The democratization of film is real and is accelerating. We now have more powerful capabilities at cheaper costs than ever before, and information is freely exchanged.

However, with great power comes great responsibility.

As we move faster and further towards attaining the perfect technical image at lower price points than ever before – we as creators need to avoid ‘tunnel-vision’. Sure, my image might be 4k, HDR, and shot on some sexy glass, but to what end?

What about the story, the acting, the lighting, the composition, the art direction? How about the post-pipeline – the editorial, the sound, the grading, the vfx, the actual promotion of the final project?

These are questions we need to ask ourselves, and that is the purpose of this blog.

I am using this platform to document the steps I take from pre-production to post and will take you with me for the ride. Every step of the way I will be sharing my experiences – both successes and pitfalls. Consider this your risk-free guide to making your film a reality.  All without the “small fortune” pricetag of the antiquated film school model.

Great. But, who am I?

My name is Montana Casey. I am a filmmaker by passion and a self-taught film compositor by trade. I have actively been pursuing my dream of film directing since 2004. I have received numerous awards for my work, most notably the NFAA presented by Martin Scorsese, and the Chimera Short Award.

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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    So true, abrupt end though?

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